Youth Group

Mission Trip 2018

High school students often serve as acolytes in our services, and we typically host an annual Mission Trip to Grace House on the Mountain in western Virginia.  We sent a group of youth and young adults (along with chaperones) in July 2017 and July 2018.  We were scheduled to return to Grace House in August 2020; however, due to the pandemic that has been postponed.  We look forward to returning to the ministry at Grace House one day soon.  Friends are welcome, too.  For more information speak with Fr. Jerry or Mama Jane.

In the Fall of 2021 we restarted a biweekly junior high and high school (seventh grade and higher) Sunday School class that meets at 10am with parishioner volunter Mr. Mike Carlucci.  High School students are also welcome to servce a acolytes and/or co-lead Sunday School with our teachers.  For further information speak with Father Jerry.

Upcoming Events

Christmas Pageant 2020
Sunday, December 12:
On Sunday, December 12 at our 10am Worship the children of our Sunday School will tell the story of Jesus' birth in our annual Christmas Pageant in a prerecorded video.  Students will also serve as lay servers -- reading scripture, praying prayers, ushering, etc. It has been a long time (June) since we have had a Children's Eucharist, so following the Pageant all kids will assist Father Jerry at the altar. Read more