Wedding at Holy Spirit Verona

The love between two people becoming one is evidence of God’s self-giving love for all. Holy Spirit Verona joyfully celebrates couples who enter into a life-long unions and desire the blessing of God and the support of the Church to help them fulfill the vows that they make. As part of this commitment, it is hoped that couples participate in our parish life and worship - before, during and after the wedding itself.

Marriage is the most common sacrament non-members ask us to perform and we welcome these opportunities. In full accordance with the Canons of the Episcopal Church and in keeping with New Jersey state law, Holy Spirit Verona offers same-sex couples recognition and access to all sacraments including marriage.


Couples thinking about celebrating their marriage at Holy Spirit Verona should meet with our priest as a first step before plans for the ceremony are made. Should either member of the couple be divorced, divorce papers must be submitted for review at the time of the request. A minimum of four months is required to prepare for the ceremony. Couples attend five pre-marital meetings followed by a rehearsal. Couples are invited to regularly join in Sunday worship as part of their preparation.