Upcoming Events

Sunday, November 3:
All Saints' Day is a day on which we pray the names of those we have lost in the past year (or longer).  We are reminded of all those who have marked our lives with a sign, act, word, experience from their own.  Once again, we encourage you to bring in a photo of a saint in your life, and you will be invited to share (during the sermon) a brief highlight of why this person is so significant in your life. Read more
Sunday, November 3:
Don't forget to turn you clocks back ONE HOUR before you go to sleep on Saturday, November 2... otherwise you will be EARLY for Church (which would NOT be terrible). Read more
Monday, November 4:
Tuesday, November 5:
A Living Sober AA Meeting takes place in the Followship Hall. www.aaonlinemeeting.net/living-sober.html Read more
Wednesday, November 6:
Families Anonymous is a 12-Step. Mutual support for parents and families of children and young adults with alcohol, drug abuse and/or emotional problems. familiesanonymous.org Read more
Al Anon
Thursday, November 7:
Friday, November 8:
Holy Spirit Verona will host another BINGO Fund Raising event on Friday, November 8 at 7pm; doors open and BINGO cards go on sale at 6pm.  Benefits ________ (TBD)!  Entrance fee (with sheets for ten games) is $20; the first number is called at 7pm.  Snacks and beverages will be available for purchase, and you are welcome to bring your own food.  No alcohol is allowed and you must be 18 years old to play BINGO.   Read more
3 Weeks of Pre-Advent
Sunday, November 10:
At Holy Spirit Verona we share in three weeks of "Pre-Advent."  This is the three Sundays between All Saints and Advent 1.  During this time we strongly encouraged you to take an intentional “pause” before the waiting and preparing of Advent.  Advent used to be seven weeks, up until the 7th century, and there is a small movement within the Church to return to that (see www.theadventproject.org).  Many of the scripture readings and prayers post All Saints give a hint or leaning towards Advent, so Father Jerry says... why not just go there. Read more
Monday, November 11:
Monday, November 11:
The Vestry will meet on the second Monday of the month, November 11, at 7:30pm in the Fellowship Hall, unless otherwise indicated. Read more