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We chose Holy Spirit because...


We chose Holy Spirit because...

"This is my home. All of the activities, all of what we see at church are a collective effort of putting our faith into action. We don’t see any bystanders here; everyone participates. It’s a humbling and wonderful experience to be part of this community.”  - Member since 1985

Sunday School Registration Begins

Jane Eliasof
Sunday School Class #1

Open enrollment for students in our Sunday School program begins on Sunday, September 8 at 10 am.  On that day, Gathering Sunday, Father Jerry will bless students’ backpacks and include a special prayer for the start of a new semester.  A potluck brunch follows the worship service.  All are welcome.  [Click photo or HERE to read more.]


Sunday, November 10
3 Weeks of Pre-Advent

At Holy Spirit Verona we share in three weeks of "Pre-Advent."  This is the three Sundays between All Saints and Advent 1.  During this time we strongly encouraged you to take an intentional “pause” before the waiting and preparing of Advent.  Advent used to be seven weeks, up until the 7th century, and there is a small movement within the Church to return to that (see www.theadventproject.org).  Many of the scripture readings and prayers post All Saints give a hint or leaning towards Advent, so Father Jerry says... why not just go there.

High Holy Days in Photos

Easter 2019 Alleluia


You've heard the expression: a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, how about LOTS of pictures from our Sunday worship services. Check out the links below to #feelthejoy.

Flowering Sunday

Easter Sunday

Palm Sunday

What I Expect of You as People of Faith

Inspired by a question she was asked at a Confirmation Retreat, Bishop Carlye Hughes shares what she expects of us as people of faith in northern New Jersey.  What she envisions applies as much to adults as it does to our newly Confirmed youth.  Watch the video here (time: 5:16).

Holy Week 2019 Schedule

holy week schedule

The following is our schedule for Holy Week 2019:

Palm Sunday - April 14

10am - Palm Procession and reading of The Passion

-return "Lent: 40 Days, 40 Items" Food Drive boxes to be blessed during worship

[click here for full schedule]


Sunday, April 28
Flowering the Cross 2018

Join us on Sunday, April 28 as we "flower the cross," turning a symbol of pain and suffering into one of rebirth and renewal. Please bring any type of flower or greenery.

While some churches "flower the cross" on Easter Sunday, it's been a long tradition at Holy Spirit to embrace this tradition on the Second Sunday of Easter.

Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday, April 21

After our Easter Sunday (April 21) Worship, we'll gather outside to watch the children gather up the Easter eggs that have been placed around for their discovery and enjoyment (eggs are filled with candy).  


Sunday, April 21

Jesus Christ is risen!  Alleluia!  On this festival day, we will have one Worship Service at 10am; there will be no 8am Worship Service on Easter Sunday.

The Alleluia Banner is also dug up (which was buried on Ash Wednesday) at 9:45am; kids should arrive early.  After Worship we host a deliciously scrumptious Fellowship Hour and an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.  

Christmas Pageant 2018 Video

Christmas Pageant

The children of our Sunday School tell the story of Jesus' birth with "A New Perspective".

Check out this video to feel the joy!


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