New Mission & Vision Statement

In December 2016, our members began the task of enhancing our Mission & Vision Statements by hosting a "Where Is God Calling Us" Sunday.  In January 2017, after several drafts, the Vestry approved a final version of these statements, and during our February 5 Annual Meeting our new statements were adopted.

Pentecost 2016 Photos

Pentecost is the Feast of the Holy Spirit, our namesake, so we celebrate with plenty of RED and lots of #JOY!  

Dedication of New Kitchen

Sunday, October 25

On May 17, Jerry's first Sunday at Holy Spirit Verona, parishioner Cardie Mortimer presented a generous gift to the church to renovate the lower level kitchen, making it a better space for fellowship, outreach planning, and more. That project is now complete! On Sunday, October 25 after our worship service, we'll dedicate the new kitchen in memory of Cardie's parents.


In 1928, an Episcopal priest knocked on the doors of the houses in Verona to find out whether there were enough Episcopalians in town to warrant the formation of an Episcopal church. Despite being hauled off in a paddy wagon for soliciting, the priest discovered that indeed a congregation should be formed.

The first small group of parishioners met on the second floor of a building on the corner of Grove Avenue and Bloomfield Avenue. From there, they moved to a storefront on Bloomfield Avenue, right next to the Peckman River. Both buildings still remain.

First service at the new chapel


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