Christine's Kitchen

We're a caring community that supports its members and friends near and far through good times and bad.

Whether arranging to cook and deliver food to someone recovering from surgery, holding a prayer vigil for an ill member, or providing cake for a baby's baptism, the bonds among the congregation are sure signs of God's love working through us.

We are also a community who truly looks outside our walls for opportunities to serve. Through support of local programs like the Rescue Squad and Fire Departments, St. Peter's Haven (2018 and before), Christine's Kitchen, St. Agnes Food Pantry, Diocese of Newark Prison Minstries (2018), Mark's Closet Bloomfield (2019), youth mission trips and our Annual Pet Celebration on the town green, we welcome opportunities to be the heart and hands of Christ.

Our most significant ministry includes the Holy Spirit Verona Food Pantry which is serving over 100 shoppers per month as of early 2021 and involves a minimum of 45 volunteers monthly.  In addition, in late 2021 we partnered with St. Peter's Livingston Thift Shop, which is now an outreach ministry of our congregation. 

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, January 26:
On Wednesday, January 26 at 1pm a small group will gather to meditate and knit. This is a spiritual practice that benefits the practitioner and those gifted with these sacred mantles.  This ministry is nondenominational and open to anyone who is seeking to step away from their daily stresses with an alternative form of meditation.  Please email Rev. Katherine for additional information. Read more
Friday, February 18:
A small group of socially distanced, mask wearing Food Pantry volunteers will be in the lower level from 5-6:30pm setting up the assembly line needed to pre-pack bags for shoppers. Read more
The Finished Product
Saturday, February 19:
A small group of socially distanced, mask wearing Food Pantry volunteers will be in the lower level for four shifts (8:30-9:30am, 9:45-10:45am, 11am-12pm and 12:15-1:15pm) prepackings bags for our shoppers -- they will then carry them up to the sanctuary.  It's hard physical work! Read more
Holy Spirit Verona Food Pantry
Saturday, February 26:
Our Pantry will continue local home deliveries for February 2022 and accept shoppers on Saturday, February 26 from 9-11am, our usual 4th Saturday distribution day. Shoppers must maintain physical distancing and remain within their cars.  Volunteers will be required to wear masks and will bring pre-packaged bags to shoppers' cars.   Read more
Wednesday, March 2:
Our schedule for Ash Wednesday, March 2, 2022 is:  - Ashes-To-To 12pm - Noonday Service (online) - Ashes-To-Go 3:30pm - Children's Meet-Up (masks required) to Bury the Alleluia Banner 7:00pm - Evening Prayer (online) We are unable to host "Ashes To Go" this year; we look forward to offering this ministry next year.  Stay safe! Read more