MORE Pictures of Our Bishop's Visit!

Because you can never have too many photos of your Bishop's Visit, here are some great ones taken by Sunday School Teacher, Kathleen Gentile.  Thank you to Kathleen for capturing the first visitation of the eleventh bishop of the Diocese of Newark on film.  Read the captions and you'll experieince our worship order of service!

Churchwarden Greets The Bishop
Worship Leaders Prepare for Service
Opening Prayer
Reading of The Gospel
The Sermon
Baptismal Vows Renewal
Birthday Blessings
Wedding Anniversary Blessings
Children's Sermon
Children's Sermon
A Map of The Diocese WITH Map Pins
Cleanliness is next to Godliness... Hand Sanitizer
Choir Anthem
The Body of Christ, Bread of Life
Blood of Christ shed for you
The Recession: Sweet Holy Spirit
Greeting the New Bishop
Receiving Line