Epiphany Pageant 2019 Photos

On Sunday, January 6, 2019 at 10am the Church of the Holy Spirit celebrated its 90th Anniversary.  The first worship service of our congregation was Sunday, January 6, 1929 at 10am on the second floor of 660 Bloomfield Avenue.  Since then we have moved and grown.  To kick-off our annivesary year, our Sunday School students shared some of our history as told by three kings and one dinosaur.  Thank you to photographer Brenna Gentile!

A King Prepares
Our Dinosaur Getting Ready
Processional Cross from the 1930's
Our Camel Bearer
A King's Speech
Telling Our Story
Another Camel!
Our Dinosaur's Assistant
Our 90th Anniversary!
We Three Kings and One Dinosaur
He saw mom and grandparents!