Winter Storm Warning - January 19/20, 2019

The following message was emailed to our Happengings subscribers on Saturday, January 19 at 3:20pm:

As you are aware, we are about to receive some snow and ice that may make getting to Church tomorrow a challenge.  At this point, we are planning to still host the 10am Worship Service; however, if conditions worsen please consider staying home and perhaps read something from the Prayer Book.

If we need to cancel...

the 10am service, you will receive another email (and we will list it on our website) by 7am tomorrow morning.  If you have not received an email by 7am tomorrow morning, the 10am Service will be happening.  If you do venture out for church tomorrow, again please be careful.

At this point I have decided to cancel the 8am Worship since we are sure to be shoveling and de-icing.

The Rev. Jerry Racioppi, Rector


From A Song of Creation, Morning Prayer II, BCP, p.88:

       Glorify the Lord, O chill and cold, *

       drops of dew and flakes of snow.

       Frost and cold, ice and sleet, glorify the Lord, *

       praise him and highly exalt him for ever.  Amen.