We chose Holy Spirit because...


We chose Holy Spirit because...

"This is my home. All of the activities, all of what we see at church are a collective effort of putting our faith into action. We don’t see any bystanders here; everyone participates. It’s a humbling and wonderful experience to be part of this community.”  - Member since 1985

"Our family came to Church of the Holy Spirit seeking a spiritual home. My husband and I were both raised Catholic, but didn't want to raise our kids in a faith we were often at odds with, from gay rights to women’s equality to the infallibility of the pope, (although I do love Pope Francis). We attended a Unitarian Universalist congregation for a while, and while it was intellectually stimulating, it didn't connect with us on a deeper level. At COHS we've found a welcoming, spiritually-rich community where we don’t have to check our own beliefs at the door." - Member since 2013

"I was raised as an Episcopalian, attending a church in a town next to the one I grew up in. I wanted to raise my children in a church where they would be attending with friends from school. Now young adults, there's a special bond with the friends they made at Holy Spirit." - Member since 1994

"We came to Holy Spirit because it was good blend of how both my husband and I were spiritually-raised.  The service leans more heavily towards Catholicism but the members, fellowship and outreach to the community was more how I was raised -- a family if you will -- and we felt that was important not only for our kids but for us as well." - Member since 2008

“In a world filled with need and overwhelming challenges, being a part of the Outreach ministry at Holy Spirit allows us to combine our energies to make a difference in the lives of others. Although we are a small congregation, the willingness of each member to contribute to our efforts, whether it be serving at a local soup kitchen, working to raise money for relief efforts, donating food for Thanksgiving meals, or providing Christmas gifts as part of our Angel Tree ministry, we come together as a community to be the heart and hands of Christ in the community.”  - Member since 2006

"We came to Holy Spirit because it was close to home. That was 54 years ago." - Member since 1960 (and now drives 25 minutes to get here on Sundays!)