How You Can Be An Angel This Advent & Christmas

For the Season of Advent, we have been offering several ways for you to be an angel at Holy Spirirt Verona. We are "Calling All Angels," and some things you can do are:

  • Invite friends with children to "be an angel" in the pageant on December 17. They don't have to attend any rehearsals. Just show up on the day of the pageant by 9:50am, with a small donation for our Food Pantry, and they'll receive a halo.
  • Utilize our new onling giving capablity with the link "electronic giving" on the right side of our website, or simply clicking here to be taken right to the donations page. Once you're there, you can make a donation to our general fund (for church operating expenses) or to the Food Pantry. Donations can be "one-time" or recurring. 
  • Join our new ministry where you get to spend our money? Yep, Inventory Buying for the Food Pantry. Holy Spirit Members are given gift cards to purchase inventory for our pantry. There is a sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Hall. We usually need two people per month, and you'll be given some suggested store locations and items we need. The better the price, the more you buy.

Keep an eye on our weekly email for additional ideas on how to be an angel. Spread the word; invite other people to be angels too!