How can I stay in touch with all that is happening at Holy Spirit?

We try to communicate in a variety of different ways, via print, email and social media.


You can follow our Facebook page by clicking the link in the sidebar at right.

Sunday Announcements

Our weekly announcements are distributed with our service booklet each Sunday.

Email Newsletter - The Happenings

Each week we send out an email that provides up-to-date information on what’s happening at the church, worship schedules and other program information, opportunities for service and/or learning outside our four walls.

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Quarterly Newsletter - The DoveTale

Our quarterly print newsletter is sent out to current and former parishioners and others who are interested in what we are doing. To sign up to receive the DoveTale, please send your name and regular mail address to: or call us at 972-239-2850 to be placed on the mailing list.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, September 26:
Often worshipers are asked to put away their devices during worship service, but you won’t hear that on Social Media Sunday, September 26.  Why?  Because Jesus said so. In Sunday's Gospel Jesus reminds us to spread our light; just as salt is no good when it's lost its flavor and a candle is no good without a wick.  People need to be told the Good News multiple times in multiple ways: in person, Facebook, Instagram, website, letter, etc. Each of us must share the Good News! Read more
Wednesday, September 29:
The Welcome/New Member Committee will gather via Zoom for a meeting on Wednesday, September 29 at 7pm.  It has been awhile since we last gathered so we have much to discuss and plan.  If you are interested in helping to welcome and invite new members to Holy Spirit Verona, please email Father Jerry. Read more
Saturday, October 9:
Our congregation will host a meal at Christine's Kitchen on Saturday, October 9.  Christine's Kitchen is a feeding ministry at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in West Orange.  Volunteers are pre-making sandwiches and desserts which will be delivered to Christine's Kitchen on Saturday morning.  Sandwiches will be combined with a beverage, snack, fruit and dessert for to-go meals being served at noon by Holy Trinity members.  If you can help, email Father Jerry. Read more
Out of the Darkness - Suicide Prevention Walk Verona Park 2018
Sunday, October 10:
A team from Holy Spirit will join the "Out of the Darkness" Suicide Prevention Walk in Verona Park on Sunday, October 19 from 11-12:30pm.  We will walk in loving memory of Vanya Citrano.  Registration begins at 10am and the Walk begins at 11am.  For more information on The Walk, click here.  If you would like to join the Holy Spirit Verona Team, click here or email Fr. Jerry.  To make a donation towards our team goal, click here. Read more
Sunday, October 17:
On Sunday, October 17 at 10am, we will be standing with faith-based groups around the globe to call for Climate Justice.  Join us for our Faiths 4 Climate Justice Service and be a part of our action to make a difference in the world.  We will focus on hope and challenge attendees to take action to protect the resources of the earth. Read more
Every Perfect Gift
Sunday, October 24:
On Sunday, October 24, we kick off our Stewardship Campaign that helps create the 2022 budget.  This is the time of year when we each recommit our time, talent and treasure to the Holy Spirit Verona Community.  This year’s stewardship theme "Every Perfect Gift" is an opportunity to share our gifts through Eucharist and through our service to the world.  This is how we participate in the ongoing creation of abundance and generosity.  Every perfect gift comes from God above. Read more