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Holy Week 2020: Stay Connected

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During the first Sunday in Lent (March 1) I asked the question, “What will be different?”  It was my way to remind us to do something intentional for this season when we focus on looking inward.  I had no idea, at the time, that on the second Sunday in Lent (March 8) we would be forced to discourage hugs and handshakes, and on the third Sunday (March 15) we would be “fasting from public worship.”  [Click here or photo to read more.]

A Reflection on the Start of Lent

It's been awhile since I wrote something on FJ's blog, largely because I often lament over the act of writing.  I enjoy it, but often struggle with the time and focus to get something typed.  Today I am using Nike's theme and saying "Just Do It."

PRE-ADVENT ***Take Some Time to Pause***

Pre-Advent Candles

"Slow down you move too fast" might be lyrics to a song that some of you will know.  Familiar or not with the song, you are sure to connect with the need to take some time to reflect.  I might rewrite the next line of the song as "you got to make Advent last."  Advent, you ask?  Yes, you know the four Sundays before Christmas.  It's the Church's intentional time to prepare for the coming of the Christ-child.  Yes, you are correct, it is not four weeks before Christmas yet (yes, you are right Momma Jane).

Living As Active Citizens

The Active Citizen Continuum

Each day at the close of our work, after preparing dinner for each other, our team-lead, Joanna Eliasof, leads us in a reflection.  For Day 4, she spoke to us about the continuum of our contribution to society.  She explained that there are four possible categories, and we are probably each at multiple stages at various times in our lives.  There is not a “better” stage; however, our passion and commitment to a social justice issue will determine where we see ourselves within the following:

Being A Beloved Community of Active Citizens

Holy Spirit Verona Mission Trip 2018

In July 2017, I joined eleven Verona residents on a Mission Trip to Grace House on the Mountain in St. Paul, VA.  This Episcopal Church sponsored organization hosts groups of caring individuals weeks at a time to complete construction projects in the surrounding towns and neighborhoods.  Grace House is owned and operated by the Diocese of SW Virginia, but is open to any group of active citizens wanting to make a difference.

Will You Wrestle With Me?

Jacob and God

“When the man saw that he did not prevail against Jacob, he touched his hip socket, and Jacob's hip was put out of joint as he wrestled with him.” – Genesis 32:25

Will you wrestle with me? by Father Jerry (FJ) Racioppi

Probably not a question you would expect me to ask, but you are sure to know that I am not speaking about physical wrestling.  My question really is: Will you let me walk with you as we wrestle with faith together? 

An Open Letter from the Reverend Jerry A. Racioppi

This is the first entry in what has been renamed "FJ's Blog" (formerly known as our "Mission Trip Blog").  From time to time Father Jerry will write his thoughts on various subjects.  In this entry he shares information about the message and experieince we strive to provide in our great Sunday School offerings.

Grateful and Proud

Early on in my time as rector at Holy Spirit Verona I was told about a Mission Trip that Holy Spirit Verona sponsored to Grace House on the Mountain in St. Paul, VA.  Although an Episcopal Church sponsored site, I was not familiar with it.  Several of the Holy Spirit parishioners raved about their experience at Grace House.  My second summer (2016) at Holy Spirit, we considered doing a Mission Trip, but we felt we did not have the momentum to have a decent attendance.  

Congregation Members to Pray for COHS Missioners

Mission Trip 2017 Participants (minus one)

Today at our 8am and 10m worship services small cards were given to members not attending the Mission Trip with the names of those attending.  We ask that everyone pray for our missioners before, during and after the trip.  We are one family.

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