Soup for the Soul

"Soup For The Soul" Sold at Fair in The Square 2017

Holy Spirit Verona is once again going to be selling "Soup for the Soul" at Verona's Fair in the Square on Saturday, December 2.  If you can make quarts of soup before then, please do so. We'll provide the containers and labels, which are available in the Fellowship Hall.  The soup can be stored in our lower level freezer until the December 2 event.  Proceeds will go to our Operation Budget. Read more

The DoveTale Michaelmas 2017

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Sunday School Begins September 17

At Gathering Sunday (September 10) children will join in a group arts and craft project and bring their school back pack for blessing during the 10am worship service.  Sunday School classes begin on Sunday, September 17.  Parents should drop their child off in the Sunday School Room (lower level) by 9:50am as classes starts promptly at 10am.  Children join the worship service after announcements and sit with their family during Eucharist. Read more

Youth Confirmation Classes

On September 17, and then every second Sunday of the month from 12-2pm, we will have a joint Confirmation Class with St. Luke's Episcopal Church Montclair. Class dates are: September 17, October 8, November 12, December 10, January 14, February 11, March 11, April 15 (this is third Sunday also). In addition, there is an all-day retreat required by the Diocese on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at Grace Church, Madison.  Read more
Energy Efficient Lighting in Chapel

Saving Mother Earth: Electricity & Water

Holy Spirit Verona, using the New Jersey Cleanenergy Program, has transitioned to energy efficient light bulbs, and replaced several faucet spigots.  This is one of our many efforts to care for Mother Earth, by reducing our electricity and water consumption. Thanks to Greenfaith, Inc. and parishioner, Christine Liaukus, for helping make this happen! Read more

XI Bishop Search Listening Meetings

All members of the Diocese of Newark are invited to attend one of seven Listening Meetings which are being hosted by the Bishop Search / Nominating Committee (of which Father Jerry is the co-chair) during the months of July, August & September.  Try to attend one if you are available.  If you have any questions, speak with Father Jerry. Read more

XI Bishop Search Online Survey

Have you taken the online survey for the XI Bishop Search?  The Search / Nominating Committee (of which Father Jerry is the Co-Chair) is hoping that EVERY PERSON in the Diocese of Newark will complete the online survey by Wednesday, August 16.  This data will be instrumental in the compiling of the Diocesan Profile to be used in raising up candidates for our next Bishop. Read more
Holy Spirit Verona Food Pantry Volunteers

Verona Food Pantry Teams Up With Mobile Food Stand To Deal With Hunger Head On

Published in the Cedar Grove/Verona News June 2017 No. 15 Vol. 6 www.cedargroveveronanews.comThe Montclair Community Farms (MCF) Coalition’s goal is to sell produce at affordable prices to Montclair seniors and is now expanding to local food pantries in order to bring fresh produce to seniors and others in need. Read more
Fun Chapel

Summer 2017 Worship Schedule

For Summer 2017, we will offer our regular 8am and 10am Sunday Worship Schedule. Both services will take place in our historic Chapel which is air conditioned. 8am is a Quiet Eucharist and the 10am worship is Holy Eucharist with acapella hymns. Read more

The DoveTale Easter 2017

For the latest and greatest version of our quarterly newsletter, The DoveTale, click here. Enjoy! Read more